17 Июль 2013 года



Inter-regional non-profit organisation of trainers and consultants INTERTRAINING is implementing the project People Training People funded ($49,926) by C.S. Mott.

Project NGO Resource Centres Sustainability Development through Increasing Quality of Consulting Services funded ($29,551) by Eurasia Foundation.

Partnership Project Developing a model system of evaluation for NGO management training courses financed (Russian part ₤ 27 567) by the Department for International Development.

Project People Training People

With the new wave of non-profit organisations growth of different kind in the Former Soviet States regions and of further development and professionalisation of public organisations in big cities the need in training and consulting services increases. Nevertheless, there exists a real need for different types of trainings and consulting services (from basic level trainings to advanced). The key figure in the NGO development process is a professional, well-informed trainer/consultant seeking to raise his/her quality level.

Project Object:

Establish a sustainable and stable trainers network in Russia and NIS with its members being capable of fully satisfying education needs of their customers through constant growth of their professional quality, information exchange and evaluation.

Project Location: NIS countries

Project Results:

    1. Creation of the home page www.INTERTRAINING.org that includes database on trainers and consultants, information on trainings, conferences, other events organised by INTERTRAINING, links to other information resources in training and consulting, electronic newsletter for members and board members of INTERTRAINING.  
  • Creation of the library offering a wide selection of periodicals, books, newsletters, research reports, and videotapes on training, education and performance (totally 70 books and periodicals, library list can be found at the web-site). 
  • Conducting trainings of trainers and consultants. The first training took place in Moscow, March 14-19, 2000, trainer George Laky (USA). In June, 2000 in frames of the annual conference of INTERTRAINING the training on Open Space technology took place, the trainers Michael Pannwitz and Yochan Toepfer (Germany). 
  • Conducting mini-trainings The Development of Humane Resources (master-classes) in March, 2001in Novosibirsk, where 8 trainers and consultants presented their educational programmes. 

(Master classes give chance to a trainer and a consultant to approve a newly worked out training programme, presenting its the most important part at the mini-workshop for getting colleagues feedback and further analysis of possible ways of adaptation for a particular client group. The presented part is accompanied by the necessary handouts, workshop plan and methodical recommendations, so that the participants could use the new programme in their work. Master classes are also a good means to get acquainted with the colleagues methods of work and to draw the participants into peer consulting, thus developing strong professional contacts.)

Project NGO Resource Centres Sustainability Development through Increasing Quality of Consulting Services.

Consulting services in organisational development and management provided by NGO resource centres staff are not of high professional level. Consequently, many of the existing problems of the client-organisations remain unsolved, thus, slowing down the activity effectiveness and impeding the development process of the client — organisations and the resource centres themselves.

Project Object:

Make for the financial and organisational NGO resource centres and their target group sustainability development through increasing quality of consulting services.

Project location: Russia

Project results:

In course of implementation of the project there were conducted 3 training workshops for the NGO resource centres staff where the participants acquired new knowledge skills in management consulting. Besides that, the participants fulfilled practical assignments which let them to adopt the acquired skills. Thanks to the individual and group consulting in the course of training programme the participants managed to accomplish their practical assignments successfully. In the end of the project the trainers visited and consulted the resource centres of the participants and produced the manual.

Project Developing a model system of evaluation for NGO management training courses

The object of the Project:

is to improve the quality of training for NGO management and organisational development, thereby enhancing the skills and professionalism of training participants and improving the effectiveness of the NGOs.

Project location: Russia

Project results:

INTERTRAINING and INTRAC works with a group of 25 Russian trainers through a series of three workshops to develop a model system for evaluating training courses in NGO Management and Organisational Development. The System will consist of tools and guidelines for good practice looking at the identification of training needs, the design of training courses, assessing the impact of change in the knowledge and skills, and assessing the impact of training on the activities of the participants and the NGOs they work for. This project will include review of existing systems of evaluation, developing a pilot manual and field testing the contents followed by a conference to disseminate the findings and finally publication of the manual for use throughout the Former Soviet Union.

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